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Welcome to Lhune's journal.

She's in her late twenties and prone to be interested in too many fandoms:
Merlin, Sherlock, Lewis, HP as well as various japanese anime.

Lhune speaks Dutch, French, English and has the very basic knowledge of German. She's studied Italian in her free time but that's on a hold for the moment. Should she have enough time (and money) she might study Russian and/or Japanese but that won't be in the near future.

She's loves to fangirl and to squeal. Sadly she's forever procrastinating *sweatdrop*

Her journal is therefore updated very sporadically with fangirling, Real Life and, when she's inspired and takes up the pencil again, fanart & fanfiction.

Lhune's always eager to meet new friends.


Happy New-Year!!!


Have a splendid year with everything you hope for!

Happy Birthday Kana!

A very Happy Birthday dark_kana !

The mice didn't agree with FB but they send their aid for the cakes through here ^_~

Wishlist 2016

Updated for 2016, it hasn't changed much though ^^;

Mostly to keep an overview of what I could want,
possibly helpful for those who look for inspiration ^_~
Not a surprise books are most prominent ^^
The listCollapse )


Words fail me...


Happy Birthday

A very Happy Birthday hpstrangelove !
I hope you had a brilliant day celebrating and a huge yummy birthday cake ^_~

Creative night

For some reason or another I couldn't fall asleep last night :(
therefore I got up and turned the sleepless night into a creative night :D
The images as not up to standard and most need a little tweeking here and there, still work in progress. (and some might not survive the cut, they show it was sleep-deprived nightwork ^_~)


As you can see, I was thinking about Christmas already ^^;;;;;
Anyhow, I slept as a log after this creative outburst and (so far) I don't feel the missing hours of sleep.

Images that made me smile

I discovered a brilliant FB page that made me smile a lot XD XD XD
Especially this one got my attention

Draco and HarryCollapse )

this ideaCollapse )
because really, I can just imagine this ^____________^


Card for my Grandmothers 95th birthday

Tomorrow my Gran is 95 years old, we're celebrating this with all the family on Sunday.
Her grandchildren (including me ^_^) put money together for a combined present.
- A bouquet will be delivered to her every month
- A subscription to a crossword puzzle magazine (she adores them)
- A simple pen.

I've created a card to go with that, using an empty crossword I had and creating alternative questions.
The word going down: crossword puzzle
Horizontal: blue-perky(?)-birthday-ninetyfive
at the bottom using several letters from these answers: happy birthday


Used my old watercolours once more...

I had 2 pencil sketches waiting for colour and yesterday I finally got to do just that.
They're quite different even though both were originally meant for the same month on my calendar. In the end the boots ended up for April and the armchairs will probably be November ^___^ Yes, April is already halfway through without image ^^; At a time I'd almost written "BLANCO" with a typex pen on the white page.

boots cafe

I'm sorry about the bad quality of the pictures ^^ My scanner is not big enough for the paper size and I'm not that good with my camera and lightening... 

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