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Welcome to Lhune's journal.

She's in her late twenties and prone to be interested in too many fandoms:
Merlin, Sherlock, Lewis, HP as well as various japanese anime.

Lhune speaks Dutch, French, English and has the very basic knowledge of German. She's studied Italian in her free time but that's on a hold for the moment. Should she have enough time (and money) she might study Russian and/or Japanese but that won't be in the near future.

She's loves to fangirl and to squeal. Sadly she's forever procrastinating *sweatdrop*

Her journal is therefore updated very sporadically with fangirling, Real Life and, when she's inspired and takes up the pencil again, fanart & fanfiction.

Lhune's always eager to meet new friends.


I'm the godmother of little Charlotte <3

This afternoon my cousin gave birth to a little baby girl.
I'm ecstatic to say I'm now officially godmother of Charlotte *bounces* I'm really overjoyed.

I've made a card for her birth and taken a photo of it.
The text is in Dutch and translates to "The treasure at the end of the rainbow"


And this is the inside, welcoming my godchild:


The colours are not entirely the same (I'm no good at photographing ^^;)
but you get the right idea ^_~

Got creative during the night

Couldn't sleep last night, too many thought running through my head. Apparently it wasn't enough to scribble everything down *grumbles* Therefore I got up and made the first, rather crappy, version of one of the ideas in my head.

rainbowbaby copy

Inspiration is a persistant master ^^ All because I saw a rainbowcoloured pillow one day.


This version of the baby looked more alarmed than happy =_=;
I definitely need to practise some more if I want a decent version.

Goodbye 2017

The last day of 2017, already I'm counting down to the new year. 


Snow <3

The image I created for december on my calendar a couple of days ago turned out to be very fitting, thick flakes of snow are falling down as I write this ^________^



Happy Birthday Kana!

A very Happy Birthday Kana-sempai!
Have a wonderful time today and enjoy celebrating it for weeks with family and friends *glomps*
(The mice will be helping you with all the the birthday cakes for these celebrations)


new recipe for lunch

Because I ran out of bread (any excuse really) I tried out a new recipe from Rachel Khoo:
Millefeuille with strawberries, cucumber, goat cheese and basil. I made the more savoury version with tomatoes instead of strawberries as well.
I need more practice with it (it was my first time using filo pastry as well) but I was happy with my first try, it was very yum.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 15.27.21


Happy New-Year!!!


Have a splendid year with everything you hope for!

Happy Birthday Kana!

A very Happy Birthday dark_kana !

The mice didn't agree with FB but they send their aid for the cakes through here ^_~

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